Barnes & Thornburg LLP is pleased to offer RSS feeds of the latest Barnes & Thornburg news and events. These feeds provide you with the latest information on Barnes & Thornburg's activities through published press releases, details of upcoming events in our offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Delaware, Indiana, Los Angeles, Michigan, Minneapolis, Ohio and Washington, D.C., and critical alerts about issues, trends or new laws that could affect businesses and individuals.

RSS feeds make it possible for people to monitor updates to their favorite Web sites in an automated manner. By signing up for Barnes & Thornburg RSS feeds, you will be notified of the most recent news alerts as they are posted to Each feed will provide a direct link to our Web site and the remainder of the news alert. Simply select the news categories that are of interest to you, and let us do the rest.

To start receiving Barnes & Thornburg RSS feeds, you must first have a News Aggregator (aka News Reader). There are a number of sites from which you can download this application, but we suggest Feedly.

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