Will we ever hit bottom? Commercial Real Estate Lending, Workout and Disposition Strategies in 2010

Followed by a Cocktail Reception

Prices [of commercial real estate] have declined roughly 30% from their peak in the fourth quarter of 2007, but even though the speed of decline is slowing, they still have further to fall...

...Even if property prices have stopped tumbling, a vast number of commercial buildings will remain underwater, which means their loans are worth less than the property's value. That debt totals hundreds of billions of dollars and sits like a time bomb on bank balance sheets and in commercial mortgage backed securities held by institutional investors.

- Wall Street Journal,
January 20, 2010

Please join Barnes & Thornburg LLLP and Grubb & Ellis/Paramount Commerce for a half-day seminar on the current state of the Commercial Real Estate market in West Michigan and througout the nation.

- The current state of the real estate markets and their future
- Current ADC bank lending practices and loan restructurings
- Mortgage foreclosures, rent assignments, receiverships and other creditors remedies