Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Barnes & Thornburg’s diversity program began more than three decades ago when the firm became the first among Indianapolis law firms to promote a woman to partner. That modest, yet important beginning laid the foundation for Barnes & Thornburg to understand and value the input of diverse decision makers by forming the Women & Minorities Committee – today called the Diversity and Inclusion Committee – to advise the firm on diversity issues; provide career development for women and minorities; develop flexible work options for the firm’s legal professionals; and serve as a liaison between personnel, recruiting and management to create an environment of inclusion. Today, Barnes & Thornburg’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee works with departments, administrative staff and other committees on recruiting a diverse workforce as well as mentoring and retention issues. The committee also provides advice with respect to existing and proposed firm policies regarding diversity.

The Barnes & Thornburg Diversity and Inclusion Committee is composed of the following personnel:

Bob Grand, Co-Chair
Dawn Rosemond, Co-Chair

  • Kara Cleary
  • James Robinson

  • Denise Lazar 
  • Paul Olszowka
  • Debby Usher

Columbus, Ohio
  • Kelly Atkinson
  • David Paragas
  • Katrina Thompson

  • Mark Bayer

Grand Rapids
  • Tammy Helminski
  • Jennifer Stocker

  • Alicia Raines Barrs
  • Amber Bollman
  • Cari Bryson
  • Angela Freeman
  • Ann Grayson
  • Jeffrey Hopper 
  • Kenneth Inskeep
  • Karoline Jackson
  • Nick Kile
  • Naomi Kwang
  • William Padgett
  • Anthony Prather 
  • Steve Thornton 
  • Heather Willey

Los Angeles
  • Steve Hernandez
  • Rachel Lerman
  • Melanie Mawema
  • David Wood

  • Christopher Fowlkes
  • Lee Hutton

South Bend, Indiana
  • Jeanine Gozdecki
  • Sarah Kuhny
  • Alice Springer

Washington, D.C.
  • Edward Ayoob

Wilmington, Delaware
  • Jesse Reeves