Students - Testimonials

Some Barnes & Thornburg attorneys first experienced life at the firm by taking part in our summer associate program. Find out what the summer program meant to them then and what it means now by reading their own words below.

Kathleen M. Anderson
Partner, Fort Wayne office

"Barnes & Thornburg's summer program is a blend of real work and a chance to view the firm's lawyers in action, and an opportunity to interact socially with firm attorneys outside of the office. There is a real effort to show summer associates what it would be like to work here as attorneys."

Timothy A. Emerick
Partner, South Bend office

"During my summer program, I was able to work on a variety of projects with attorneys from nearly every department. Working on environmental work one day and business transactions the next enabled me to further define the type of work that I wanted to do upon starting full time with the firm. On my first day as a new hire, I felt comfortable and ready to begin the work assigned to me. Already knowing all of the attorneys on a personal level was a big jump start to the process."

Alan A. Levin
Chairman Emeritus

"My experience as a summer associate was great. It was during that summer that I decided to become a tax lawyer. I was able to interact with lawyers in several departments. Many of my strongest relationships I have inside the firm today are with lawyers in other departments with whom I met during my period as a summer associate."

Melissa A. Vallone
Partner, Chicago office

"The mentoring I received was outstanding. Each attorney took the time to provide me with kudos, constructive criticism and direction, which helped me to improve as the summer progressed. In addition, my career-long mentor is an attorney with whom I worked during my summer associate years. He has been a valuable asset in assisting me not only in substantive areas, but also general firm issues, and I rely on him to this day.

"The summer program gave me a real preview of how associate life would be. Although there were many social events for us, we were expected to work and contribute as would any associate. I appreciated this immensely on my first day and on many other days as an associate."