Students - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Barnes & Thornburg looking for in a new associate?
We are looking for self-starters who are enthusiastic about the law, have a strong academic record, and take ownership in their own career pathway. In addition, we search for students who were active undergraduate and law school leaders of community service groups and extra-curricular organizations in the arts, athletics and/or other areas of interest.

Billable Hours
What is the hours requirement for a Barnes & Thornburg LLP associate?
Associates have an annual billable hour goal of 1,900. In addition, pro bono work is strongly encouraged by the firm.

Is there someone who will mentor me and answer my questions?
Yes. Associates and summer associates are assigned a partner mentor and an associate mentor. The mentors help the associates progress with their legal careers at the firm.

How are summer associates evaluated?
We strongly encourage our attorneys to provide informal feedback on each assignment submitted by a summer associate. In addition, all summer associates receive formal mid-summer and end-of-summer evaluations during meetings with the hiring partner; evaluations are based on written evaluations prepared by the attorneys for whom the summer associate has worked. We also have a Writing Committee that reviews summer associates’ written work product. A member of the Writing Committee meets one-on-one with each summer associate to provide specific feedback on their writing; that feedback is not included as part of the evaluation process, but we view it as a service to and investment in the students.

Associates are formally evaluated twice a year, in the spring and fall, for their first two years and then annually.

Do summer associates receive "real" work?
Yes. The majority of the assignments that summer associates receive are work that a first year associate would do. We try to expose the summer associates to work that they would do as a new associate at the firm. We also encourage attorneys to involve summer associates in client meetings, depositions, court appearances, closings, and other “real world” activities. The only difference is that there is no billable hour requirement for summer associates. Summer associates also have ample opportunities to work on pro bono assignments.