Experienced Attorneys - Testimonials

A collegial atmosphere. A feeling of being a part of the team. A collection of diverse thinkers. These are just a few of the opinions about the firm from our experienced attorneys. Find out more about the perceptions of the firm's environment by reading below.

Robert T. Grand
Firm Managing Partner

"Barnes & Thornburg is an impressive collection of lawyers with diverse talents and depth of experience. This firm recognizes lawyers not only for their individual work ethic, but also their ability to work as a team. Our firm culture recognizes that individuals have different approaches, but that we have to work within an organization to accomplish results for our clients. What is most rewarding for me is the ability to combine the skills of our lawyers from multiple disciplines to build creative solutions to our clients' problems."

Charles P. Edwards
Partner, Indianapolis office

"I came to Barnes & Thornburg for a challenge and that is exactly what I got. While some firms talk about experiences they can offer their attorneys, Barnes & Thornburg delivers those experiences every day. The firm has given me the opportunity to work with bright minds with diverse backgrounds, ideas and experiences on some of the most complex legal matters. Barnes & Thornburg's commitment to excellence and respect for collegiality and professionalism make for a nurturing and challenging work environment."

Linda M. Weinberg
Partner, Washington, D.C. office

"I think there is more freedom in setting your own direction and shaping your own practice here. That kind of independence is very important when you have a niche practice as I do. At the same time, the firm gives a high level of support for the business development initiatives of each of the practice groups."

Alan A. Levin
Chairman Emeritus

"I think the strongest asset of Barnes & Thornburg is the people. The collegiality is something special. There is a great deal of tolerance and acceptance of different opinions and thought which help round us as people in this diverse world. I also greatly appreciate the ability of our attorneys to keep things in their proper perspective - whether it be family, work or outside activities. These perspectives, as well as the openness of the firm, distinguishes Barnes & Thornburg from other law firms."