Experienced Attorneys - Partnership Criteria

To be considered favorably for admission to equity partnership, the associate will have:

  • Completed the required years of credited service with the Firm;
  • Achieved a high level of substantive knowledge and lawyering skills within an area of practice;
  • Demonstrated an ability to undertake complete responsibility for important and difficult matters within an area of practice and to carry out that responsibility efficiently, responsively, competently and to the satisfaction of the client;
  • Developed managerial and proprietary skills and an economically profitable and sustainable practice consistent with partnership status, including supervision and delegation of work, and development and maintenance of legal business through new or existing clients; and
  • Demonstrated a personal and professional commitment to the Firm and the practice of law.

In evaluating the foregoing, the Firm will consider the performance of the associate in the following areas:

  • Production of high quality legal work that has produced economic benefit to the Firm consistently and significantly higher than that expected from a full time Firm associate.
  • Business development and external activities, as evidenced by developing substantial legal business by attracting significant new clients or generating significantly increased legal business from existing clients, or by holding office in and making significant contributions to the successful administration and management of civic, philanthropic and/or professional organizations, thereby increasing the Firm’s prestige.
  • Firm operations, as evidenced by carrying out responsibilities in the operation of the departments or in connection with the administration of the Firm, at a level that is consistently and significantly higher than that expected from a full time Firm associate.
  • Contribution of unique or special skills important to the maintenance of the quality of the Firm’s practice and/or the development of its future practice.