Evaluation Process

As an associate at Barnes & Thornburg LLP, you can expect prompt feedback directly from the attorneys with whom you work. We also encourage you to request comments directly from the attorneys or to solicit feedback through your advisors. In addition, we provide a formal evaluation each year with a representative of the Legal Personnel-Administration Committee and your Department Administrator. In the spring of each year, we circulate an evaluation form to all attorneys with whom you have worked. The comments received are the basis for a frank discussion. Your strengths are noted so you can build confidence using them, and areas of suggested improvement are outlined. The evaluation form parallels the criteria for admission to partnership affording you a regular assessment of your progress. The review includes a discussion of your experiences and your career development plans for the next year.

Departments review each associate's development on an on-going basis. However, at the second and fifth years, the departments (both primary and secondary) discuss whether the associate is expected to make partner at the end of 7 years, assuming continued progress at the rate shown. The conclusions are shared with the associate along with a candid discussion of what the associate should do to remain on track.