Workplace Culture 2.0

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The challenges facing employers in 2018 cover the spectrum – from compliance with legal requirements to developing workplace cultures that maximize productivity and minimize risk.

Barnes & Thornburg wants our clients to thrive in today’s challenging workplace and with today’s changing workforce. We have a suite of services to help businesses stay ahead of the risks when possible, which focuses on fostering cultural and ethical leadership, preventing and responding to workplace bullying and harassment, establishing effective policies, and guiding clients through the twists and turns of #MeToo, workplace complaints, and discipline.

Recognizing the importance of our clients’ investment in human capital, we take a comprehensive approach. We advise on strategic planning, recruiting, hiring and employee development. We analyze workplace climate, pay equity and HR systems. We guide clients to develop professional standards to align with their mission and core values, with an emphasis on respect, civility and professionalism. We teach about civility and harassment, and when necessary, we provide effective guidance for internal complaints and investigations. We also have an immediate response team of experienced attorneys and investigators who are ready to respond to client emergencies and high-level concerns. And when the circumstances arise, we partner with other professionals on training, public relations and crisis management.

We also counsel employers in defending class action lawsuits, and other employment litigation, as well as those who are faced with union-organizing campaigns

Our labor and employment attorneys have experience in a wide variety of workplace settings in companies of all sizes. We focus on training, communication and education for employees ranging from the C-suite to front-line employees.

Barnes & Thornburg‘s Workplace Culture 2.0 is designed to fit your culture, and focuses on your success.