Globalization has led many companies to sell their products and build operation centers in virtually all corners of the world. With this geographic expansion comes the need for businesses to have legal representation wherever they may be expanding.

Barnes & Thornburg LLP offers its clients the advantage of connecting with the legal resources and solutions throughout the world through its affiliation with TerraLex. TerraLex is a highly selective, international network of nearly 150 leading independent law firms located in nearly 100 countries with more than 14,000 attorneys.

TerraLex offers Barnes & Thornburg a significant advantage over most U.S. law firms in that we can help clients achieve their goals in virtually every country, state, province, or location imaginable. So while many people may not know where Mauritius, Liechtenstein, or Latvia are, Barnes & Thornburg has access to attorneys there who are ready to spring into action for our clients whenever the needs arise.