Product Liability

Barnes & Thornburg litigators advocate our manufacturers' and sellers' rights in products claims at both the trial and appellate levels in state and federal courts throughout the United States. We also represent clients in alternative methods for resolution of disputes outside the courtroom, through negotiation, arbitration, and mediation. We provide nationwide coordination of products litigation for several Fortune 500 clients and advise clients with respect to litigation prevention, insurance, and claims-management systems.

The range of legal practices among the firm's litigators enables us to tailor the staffing of litigation to the size and specialized elements of each case. Our complement of litigators gives us the resources to commit an aggressive team when needed for complex cases and emergencies. We have developed systems for early evaluation of cases, case-management planning, and budgeting to enable us to conduct litigation in a manner focused on achieving our clients' objectives.

Our litigation support staff includes legal assistants, research librarians, and computer specialists. These in-house capabilities reflect our continuing sensitivity to the ever-increasing need for sophisticated services while at the same time controlling the cost of litigation.