Government Finance

Barnes & Thornburg offers comprehensive legal services to the governmental finance market. We have served as bond counsel, underwriters’ counsel, issuer’s counsel, borrower’s counsel, credit provider’s counsel, trustee’s counsel, disclosure counsel, special tax counsel, and tax controversy counsel.

Our clients range from small, first-time borrowers to large institutions that regularly access the capital markets. We have assisted in financings by many types of borrowers, including state instrumentalities, bond banks, counties, cities, towns, townships, school corporations, libraries, redevelopment commissions, redevelopment authorities, economic development commissions, airport authorities, hospital authorities, housing authorities, conservancy districts, nonprofit organizations, and government officials.

We have participated in financing a variety of public and private projects, including public buildings, correctional facilities, police and fire stations, private schools, public schools, libraries, sewage works, water works, economic development projects, redevelopment projects, manufacturing facilities, highways, roads, streets and bridges, airports, solid waste disposal facilities, housing, hospitals and other health care facilities, retirement communities, private schools and working capital.

We design financings to meet our client’s objectives. We have served as bond counsel in connection with the issuance of general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, lease financings, tax increment financings, bond anticipation notes, variable rate bonds, commercial paper, and pooled financings.

The capital markets have developed numerous “derivative” securities, which “derive” their value from the value, or change in value, of other financial instruments or indices. We have counseled our clients on a variety of investment and hedging products.