Executive Level (or C-Suite) Internal Investigations

Life happens. And, when the employee misbehavior is coming from the C-Suite or otherwise requires the highest level of confidence and finesse, Barnes & Thornburg's attorneys can help. Those circumstances create risks of employment discrimination charges and lawsuits, embarrassing situations for executives, disheartening questions about leadership, and negative public relations.

Our attorneys have experience in guiding our clients through the crisis:

  • Analysis of legal and business issues
  • Coordinating with other professionals to collect and preserve electronic information
  • Assistance with internal and external communications
  • Conducting confidential investigations, where appropriate
  • Supervising and managing outside investigations into client matters
  • Developing business strategies to minimize legal risks
  • Protecting sensitive client information

Despite our and our clients' best efforts, difficult situations arise. And when they do, we have the breadth of experience to respond strategically and work with you to craft the best solutions possible.