Assisting U.S. Clients Abroad

As globalization spreads, U.S. companies may feel it necessary to expand their reach throughout the world. Barnes & Thornburg LLP represents clients ranging from U.S.-headquartered multinational companies to small businesses and individuals in their international business pursuits.

Our attorneys assist U.S. businesses with their international activities, including with the sale and distribution of their products abroad and the protection and licensing of their intellectual property. Our attorneys select and work with foreign counsel to assist in the establishment of overseas facilities and operations, including joint ventures with foreign partners.

We also assist companies with international trade issues related to the U.S. regulation of the cross-border movement of goods, technology, software and other resources through our Washington, D.C., office. In particular, we counsel U.S. companies on transactions involving countries and entities subject to sanctions imposed by the U.S. Government.

Working through our networks and with our correspondent firms, we help our clients meet their legal needs around the world.