Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many contracts today provide for resolution of disputes by arbitration or a number of other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Barnes & Thornburg LLP litigators have experience representing clients in a broad range of domestic and international arbitration proceedings following a variety of arbitration rules.

Our litigators also recognize that not all cases are meant to be tried. Many disputes are amenable to early resolution through mediation or other forms of negotiated alternative dispute resolution. We recognize that ADR can be economical and advantageous prior to or during litigation. Many of our litigators are formally trained, and periodically serve, as mediators and/or arbitrators.

Whether a straightforward or complex contract dispute, a construction dispute, a securities matter or another type of out-of-court dispute, Barnes & Thornburg LLP has experienced litigators prepared to efficiently and effectively guide our clients through the alternative dispute resolution process.